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Mobile ECU Tuning has been in the making for some time but only established on December 2018. The team behind the scenes are that of three individuals with a diverse range of skills and experience in software development/engineering in fileds within and outside the motor trade.

Our youngest member is on course to becoming a Master Tech, our oldest being myself has professional software engineering qualifications leading back almost twenty years, and last but not least we have on board with us our master writer who has a background in employment with one of, if not the largest, tuning company in the UK, they have onboard themselves, many hundreds of dealers all over the UK utilising their services.

We feel very strongly that we can provide you with an excellent map for your car at an unbeatable price. The reason we can keep our prices so low is that we have low overheads,but most important, we have the priviledge of working with a very talented writer who has the same values and way of thinking as we all should, and that is, the fact that the cost of remapping/tuning a vehicle does not justify the cost applied by most companies.


We feel that the most appropriate way to describe where we sit in the market is quite simply this " Affordability for All". We dont believe that anyone who owns a car, van, pick-up or any other vehicle for that matter should miss out on the opportunity to remap/tune their vehicle, and enjoy both the pleasures and reduced cost of travelling, whether it be for pleasure, or buiness. On a personal note, my first car was tuned for economy as i was travelling quite a bit each day and my second car was mapped for power without any thought of economical gains, I just wanted some good old punch when i hit the pedal, that being said, I gained much more than expected on both points and needless to say, the map was provided by our very own map writer.

We are a new business only recently established but we have a vison for the future, and that is to become one of the most successful mobile tuning companies in Scotland. We understand that to become a success we need to gain the trust in our ability and quality of service we provide, plase check our reviews to see what our customers say about us. What we can say for certainty at this early stage is that, you are guaranteed a professional service from us which entails a quality remap for your vehicle, written by a very talented writer and a 7 day no quibble guaranteed refund in a very unlikely scenario that you're not completely happy.

We are not naieve and completely understand that you may decide to use another well established company and pay quite a bit more to have your car mapped, that is your choice and we respect that. We can only ask of you to give us a chance to provide a mapping service to you! you have nothing to lose.

Check out the reviews of some of the cars we have done and have a think about it. We promise you wont regret it.....

Custom Remapping

We are able to offer a custom remapping service using live datalogging on the road. This is always recommended for stage two and three builds!

Money Back Guarantee

We focus on customer satisfaction & confident on our services so we provide a no quibble 7-day money back guarantee.

Our Technical Support

Our normal office hours are Monday-Friday 8am to 5pm, however we are available until 10pm 7 days a week on our mobile number.

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