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Your here because you want to have your vehicle mapped to increase performance, enhance driveability and increase fuel efficiency, or maybe not all are important to you. We appreciate that we all have different priorities in what we want and/or expect from a remap so we want to tell you why you should use us.

  •   We will always provide realistic performance figures tailored to your vehicle
  •   We will never overstate any expected fuel consumption gains
  •   We will provide you with a 7 day money back guarantee
  •   Guarantee that provision of your personal data will not be shared with any third party
  •   If we feel a remap will be of very little benefit in any way, We Will Say!

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We know that the most important thing about having your vehicle remapped is the quality of the map. We all want to have our vehicle mapped with a high quality map at the lowest cost available. We think its foolish for any company to state that they are the best as that's down to you the customer to decide, even then, that can only be said if the customer has taken their vehicle to be mapped at many different companies and made that comparison, again going further, its still only an opinion.

If we look at what is known as a true Custom Remap, you may well know that this service can only be carried out on a Dynamometer at a considerably higher cost than your common remap price and will take many hours depending on the experience of the operative. So when you see companies stating that they are providing you with a custom remap, ask if it's on a Dynamometer (Dyno) if its not then its not a true custom map. We are not in a position to carry out this service due to our current position as a new company and providing a mobile only service.

If we move on to what is known as a Generic Map thats another story. There are many companies out there offering very low prices, albeit some are even more expensive than ourselves, but what your being provided with is a very risky map that could potentially damage your vehicle. Generic maps are that whereby an original map file has been created, possibly even by a very experienced reputable company and has then been sold or moved on and end up on auction sites, I wont mention what ones but i'm sure you can have a guess. What we have to realise about these maps is that they have been created on a specific vehicle with specific hardware/software version that has high potential to be uncompatible with your vehicle, not to mention the fact that they may have been altered by an unqualified person trying to make further enhancements. Stay clear of anyone offering these maps!

Our position is not unlike the vast majority of good companies out there, be it new or well established companies. We will initially take a reading from your vehicle's ECU at your location whether that be at home or place of work, we will then send this back to our Senior engineer (Map Writer) who will use all his years of experience to make ammendments to suit your particular vehicle, your original map file ( with exact same Hardware/Software version ) with the modified changes will then be returned to us, we will then continue to write that modified file back to your vehicle's ECU. The full process will normally be complete within the hour but can take up to two hours and on rare occassions even longer depending on the vehicle type and model.

Once we have written your modified file back to your vehicle we will then hand you the keys back to enjoy the experience.

If you're looking to have your car mapped anytime in the future then contact us first, we promise you wont be disappointed.

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